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Mobile phones comparison (November 2012)

“Which mobile phone is better?”-this question is asked by a lot of people worldwide everyday. So, we decided to answer on it: we had rated about 40 models of mobile phones of different manufacturers and running on different operating systems.
And here are results of it:

Mobile phones comparison results
As we can see, first and third place are occupied by Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy Note I, but this smartphones are very large and they are something between phones and tablets. So if we exclude them our top three will be:
  1. Samsung Galaxy S III
  2. HTC One X+
  3. iPhone 5
Analyzing situation on manufacturers and operating systems we can see what the best OS is iOS and it is the main reason of high scores of Apple phones which have not such good hardware as top android smartphones have. Windows Phones are at the bottom of the table in spite of quite good hardware which have new Nokia Lumia. It is due to the Windows OS, which still is not as good as iOS and Android.

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