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iOS Browsers Comparison (August 2013)

browsers olympics - ios

Today we publish our second comparison of browsers for iOS. Previous version from the August 2012 can be found here. Since our first comparison our rating system has changed. Browsers set has changed too: trial versions of browsers were removed and some browsers were replaced by another. Results of all browsers and comparison of the most popular browsers are given below.

Results of the most popular browsers:

Basic(file size, price, language and iOS version support, etc)

basic results

Features(tabs, downloads, history, synchronization, traffic comperssion etc)

features results

Performance(results of different benchmarks like Peacekeeper, Sunspider etc)

performance results

Final results

final results

Our winner is Safari, the only one browser with access to faster Nitro JS Engine. Then goes Puffin because of high perfomance results due to cloud computing. Atomic is third.

Here is results table of all browsers tested

full results table

And here is medal table of all mobile comparisons

browsers olympics ios medals

iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2

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