Windows browsers comparison (August 2013)

browsers olympics - windows

Windows is the most popular operating system now with wide choice of programmes, so we can not neglect it. Today we present you results of our browser comparison for it. Results of all browsers and comparison of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera(Chromium and Presto based) are given below.

Results of most popular browsers:

Basic(file size, CPU and memory usage etc)

basic results

Features(tabs, downloads, history, extensions etc)

feature results

Performance(results of different benchmarks like Peacekeeper, Sunspider etc)

performance results

Final results

final results

Our winner is Google Chrome then goes Mozilla Firefox and then Opera.

Here is results table of all browsers tested

full results table

And here is medal table of all our comparisons

browsers olympics medals

Windows 8 CPU i7x4 3072 RAM

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