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Site update: version 3.0

Today we are launching new version of our site.

Site update 3.0

Version 3.0 is our biggest update since last August, when we moved from Google Sites to our new site 2.0.

Changes in version 3.0.
  • CDN from Cloudflare was activated, so site will load faster from any country across the world.
  • SSL was activated, site now uses https.
  • html, css and js files were minified, so site load time will be improved.
  • Pages decription and language tags were added, resulting in better SEO results.
  • Open Graph protocol was activated. Now it becomes easier to share content from our site to social networks.
  • Menu: layout fixes, mobile layout was improved.
  • Images: alt tags were added; site icons converted to vector graphics, so no more blurry icons on retina screens; icon sets were converted to sprites for faster site load.
  • Site color scheme unification.
  • Elements layout alignment.
  • Screenshots viewer added. Images now open as a layer, not as a new page.
  • New layout of software pages : icons, auto-OS detection, improved screenshots sections, reviews, improved changelog, added additional information about software.
  • Testdrive: additional information about contestants and methodics, tables were converted to code, charts of results of major contestants were added, individual pages of contestants now contain information about old results by year on different platforms.
  • Vacancies list was updated. You can view or vacancies list and apply for a job at our vacancies page: dimini.tk/en/jobs
  • “Not partners” section was updated.
  • Site changelog was added.
  • Share buttons unification.
  • E-mail addresse updated.
  • Increased size of footer elements.
  • User agreement and privacy policy and notification about it were added. This documents are available here: dimini.tk/en/terms-and-privacy
  • Various graphical and translation fixes.


You can tell us your opinion about new site in the comments or contact us via email: [email protected].

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