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Site update: version 3.1.1

Today we are launching site 3.1.1, also we are publishing our first gaming research: rating of usefulness of Hearthstone cards.

Hearthstone card rating

In the new site version we have redesigned “Testdrive” section. Its’ old name restricted us from adding to this section other researches and statistics, because they would not fit in it. Thus, we have renamed it to “Statistics” and have made “Testdrive” section a subsection of it.

In addition we have added new subsection to “Statistics” section: “Games statistics”. We have also published our first research in this area: Hearthstone cards rating.

Hearthstone cards rating

Hearthstone – trading card game by Blizzard Entertainment based on World of Warcraft lore. Despite not being first game in its genre Hearthstone was able to become one of the most popular games not olny among trading card games but among all games, pushing other developers to creation their own TCGs. Due to Hearthstone popularity there is lots of projects which collect game statistics. HSReplay.net is one of such projects, which has the most detailed and actual statistics of cards and decks in-game usage. We have analyzed project data and have created Hearthstone cards rating. This rating, based on cards popularity and decks winrates gives information about usefulness of cards in different game modes. This information will help players to better understand power levels of cards in game and to make a choice which cards are worthy to craft and which are not. Our rating is available at dimini.tk/en/statistics/games/hearthstone-cards-rating/ and will be regularly updated to represent current game state.


Also we have fixed different bugs, typos and localization errors of our site.

You can tell us your opinion about new site in the comments or contact us via email: [email protected].

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