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Site update: version 3.5

Today we are launching an update of our site to version 3.5.

Site version 3.5
Changes in version 3.5.
  • We had published our site to Github:
    • Dev repository: here you can add push requests, issues and in other ways take part in website development. Join our developers community and help us make our website even better;
    • Releases repository: this repository will only contain stable releases for further publishing on website;
  • We had improved changelogs:
    • Patch notes are hidden by default. It will make changelog section smaller (especially website one), so you can faster find version you have been looking for. You can show and hide patch notes that are interesting for you at will;
    • Added missing patch notes. Ever wondered about what updates had been done at some version, but there was no description? No more! All patch notes for software, current website and even Google Sites version of our website will tell you all information you need. And if you want to see exact differences you can now look at them at our Github;
  • JS and CSS libraries now loading from CDN, separate from site-specific JS and CSS files. That should improve loading times for new visitors, because libraries will not be loaded again if they were used on some other sites before. Their loading speed should increase a bit too;
  • We had updated our User agreement and Privacy policy. It has not any drastical difference, mostly typos and localization fixes;
  • We had also updated Hearthstone cards rating to represent current state of meta in game;
  • Counters of software downloads were updated as well;
  • We had also removed obsolete files and fixed some bugs and typos in texts.

You can tell us your opinion about new site version or about the bugs you have found in the comments or via email:[email protected].

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