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Is Team 5 dead yet?

There are a lot of news about members of Team 5 leaving it in the last years. Some of them like Mike Donais, Peter Whalen and Hadidjah Chamberlin are leaving for working on another Blizzard projects. Another like Ben Brode, Hamilton Chu, Ben Thompson, Yong Woo and Joe Magdalena are leaving the company to pursuit their goals. But either way well-known members are leaving Hearthstone development team. As a result many people are wondering if anyone remained on the team at all. So we have decided to check all Hearthstone-related Blizzard employees to know the current state of Team 5.

Team 5 members list

This image represents members of Team 5 (the onу which have cards with their name in game credits). However you can open our interactive version of Hearthstone developers list to look at other Hearthstone-related members of Blizzard. You can find there members of quality assurance team and other employees from another Blizzard projects which helped on the beginning of Hearthstone. Also you can filter only current members from the list.

Only you can decide if this state of affairs alarming. It is however obvious that despite losing many common faces there are still a lot of people on the team. And it is definitely more employees than Hearthstone had at the beginning of its way.

If you have found some inaccuracies or other problems with the list feel free to open new issue at our website repository on GitHub.

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