Market share of browsers (May 2013)

Global market share:
Google Chrome 36,04% (+0,12%)
Internet Explorer 29,65% (-0,96%)
Mozilla Firefox 21,66% (-0,35%)
Safari 8,42% (+0,10%)
Opera 1,52% (-0,06%)
Other 2,71% (+1,15%)Browsers market share worldwide

Market share in Russia:
Google Chrome 31,83% (+0,69%)
Opera 20,36% (-0,52%)
Mozilla Firefox 16,19% (-0,62%)
Internet Explorer 13,35% (-0,88%)
Safari 10,35% (+1,02%)
Other 9,22% (+0,36%)

Browsers market share in Russia

Mobile phones comparison (November 2012)

“Which mobile phone is better?”-this question is asked by a lot of people worldwide everyday. So, we decided to answer on it: we had rated about 40 models of mobile phones of different manufacturers and running on different operating systems.
And here are results of it:

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iOS browsers comparison (August 2012)

Internet usage is growing very fast. It also applies to mobile Internet. iOS is one of the most popular operating systems, so we decided to find out which browser is the best.

We had evaluated browsers by different parameters, like price, size, functionality, performance etc.

Here is brief description of the most important browsers results:

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